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Volume: yr.1923

Author: State Historical Society of Iowa

Pages: 824

Year published: 1903

Publisher: Iowa City : State Historical Society of Iowa

History / General
History / United States / State & Local / General
History / United States / State & Local / Midwest
Travel / United States / Midwest / West North Central

Random excerpt from the book:
...urces used in the compilation of this article were the laws of Iowa, journals of the House and Senate, reports of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, newspapers and periodicals, and works such as Aurners History of Education in Iowa. Letters of inquiry were sent to every State Superintendent of Public Instruction in the United States thirty-one of whom replied. Personal visits were made to various Iowa State officers, representatives of book publishers, and teachers. Questionnaires were sent to each county superintendent in Iowa, and by the information secured from the ninety-two replies, the facts drawn from the other sources and the conclusions derived from them have been checked and verified. With a view to making a first hand survey of the work done, Mr. Sherman visited twelve counties in which conditions were believed to be typical. In this way the practical workings of the office were studied. Helpful assistance was also received from the Iowa State Teachers Association and the Extension Division of the Iowa State Teachers College. THE Editor NEED OF THE OFFICE Any attempt to maintain a system of public schools without providhig means of enforcing the legal provisions and examining those expecting to teach in such schools must be futile. The Territorial and early State legislatures, feeling the need for such oversight, created township and district inspectors. These inspectors, however, failed to produce satisfactory results, and their failures convinced the people of Iowa that some central authority must be created with specific powers and duties. It was not until 1858, however, that a law was secured which established the beginnings of the present system of county supervision. Originally the powers and duties of the superintendent were nominal as nominal as was his compensation. But as coimnon school education became more and more centralized and developed, the scope of his office enlarged. To understand this development it is neces...

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Iowa Authors and Their Works: the State Historical Society of Iowa. It contains around 1,000 authors. Alice Marple was the assistant curator of the State Historical Society of Iowa. The

.info (magazine): documents related to the magazine, is housed in the library of the State Historical Society of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Scans and full text of most issues of INFO

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South Dakota State Historical Society: - Laura Ingalls Wilder's annotated autobiography, 'Pioneer Girl,' shows writer's world, growth". Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Retrieved 2014-12-23. South

Edward Bonney: Frank Luther. Literature of Pioneer Life in Iowa. Iowa City: State Historical Society of Iowa, 1923. Morgan, Dale Lowell. The Humboldt: Highroad of the West


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